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Get Your Body Back Into Shape With Alternative Medicine

Being overweight comes with its own set of ailments — significant back pain, joint and muscle strains, breathing difficulty, and more. Meet our team of specialists at Joshua Chiropractic to get started on a healthy regimen that will leave you feeling healthy and confident.

We offer specialized supplements from Standard Process to remove heavy elements from your body. Includes a full treatment plan with exercise, vitamins, and a comprehensive nutritional program designed around you. 

What are you waiting for? Achieve the body shape you've always desired! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Is it Time for You to Make a Lifestyle Change?

Dr. Pool and his experienced staff have been successfully helping patients with the most up-to-date conventional and alternative medicine care to cover all of your needs. Our nutrition program will not only improve your overall health, but will also improve your mood and leave you feeling confident in your body.

Count On Big City Services with a Small Town Feel

  • Serving Johnson County for the past 12 years
  • Dedicated in serving Joshua community to improve their health
  • Our chiropractors have 15 years of experience in chiropractic care
  • A dedicated approach to get to know patients better
  • Kind and inspirational medicine in one-on-one sessions

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